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Part 1: iOS Build Automation using Fastlane


What is Fastlane?

Fastlane gives you a way to build and release mobile apps. It handles many of the build automation activities on its own. It’s an open-source platform designed and developed to deliver iOS/Android apps in the simplest way.

What we are going to learn?

  1. Installation of Fastlane
  2. Fastlane Setup for our project
  3. Automate Unit and UI Tests
  4. Automate App Build Process
  5. Automate Build Submission to TestFlight

So let's go one by one.


What is Jenkins?

Jenkins is a free open-source automation server. It helps to automate the steps of the software development life cycle like building the product, testing it & deploy it.

What we are going to learn?

  1. Configure and prepare Jenkins
  2. Create your first Jenkins Pipeline
  3. Manage Github Webhook
  4. Configure Email Notifier
  5. Final Touch

So let’s go one by one.

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”― Friedrich Nietzsche

In the current era, the software development industry is growing day by day. There is a huge amount of competition is going on between the IT industries. Alongside giant organizations, there are numerous startups are getting established every day. With all this competition, everyone is in the race and wants to really push hard to fulfill their customer needs. Everyone wants to deliver the best quality products, services and provide post-delivery maintenance. And when we consider all these factors, one factor no one can’t deny…


Apple is sublime and they have tremendous developers community around globe. Every developer from any corner of world waits for WWDC event eagerly just to know what apple is bringing new to global market. Every-time WWDC happens and it always bring phenomenal things in front of world.

This years WWDC was more special as Tim Cook — Apple’s CEO mentioned that around 6000 developers from 77 countries attended it live in San. This is more than ever. “And we have 20 millions apple developers around the world, thats more than ever before”, later he added.

App store-world’s largest app marketplace


What is life? If you search this on #google, you will get tons of posts regarding same. Still your question doesn’t have any proper answer. Because everyone has their own perception about life and their own and experiences too.

Today I will tell you what is life mean to me. You might like this or not, but even I have my own thoughts and perceptions too. ;)

I think life is like a #highway and we are like a car which is travelling on that highway. Many cars run on highway and we have to travel along with them. These…

Few days back I read one post on #LinkedIn posted by one recruiter and referring to candidates. Conclusion of that post was “If one candidate is not joining organisation even after accepting offer, don’t get disappeared. Convey it to HR without hesitation. Communication should be open from both ends.” I am totally agree to this post as I know that on boarding a candidate is really difficult process and it becomes very difficult to HR and organisation when candidate backs out at last moment.

But here as software professional I want to convey one thing to recruiters. When you say…

Pushkraj P. Lanjekar

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